Den Norske Klub hosts 3 annual dinners and get together for Fredagspils' once a month to which members of Den Norske Klub and members of the Norwegian Community are welcome to join as members and guests of the klub. In addition to its regular official events, the klub organises a range of events for its members throughout the year.

Den Norske Klub's "Fredagspils"

On the first Friday of every month Den Norske Klub welcomes its members, Norwegians living and working in London and around the UK, those with strong connections to Norway, as well as, aspiring new members wishing to join the club, to Den Norske Klub's monthly "Fredagspils" - Norwegian for afterwork drinks.

Den Norske Klub's Fårikål Supper -

is held on the last Thursday in September

Den Norske Klub's 17 May Celebration Dinner

Den Norske Klub invites its members and members of the Norwegian community to celebrate 17th May all day at the club. In the evening, we host a festive black tie and bunad dinner in the King Harald V Room.

Den Norske Klub's Annual General Meeting

The Klub's most important meeting of the year is held on the first Friday in June. We present DNK's activities and finances over the past year, and set priorities and elect board members for the coming year. Please come along and vote, and provide your views and suggestions.

Den Norske Klub's Annual Julebord

Den Norske Klub's annual Christmas Dinner is a fantastic event with a champagne reception, three-course dinner, live-music and hyggelig stemning in the splendid surroundings of the King Harald V Room at our Clubhouse.

Other Events

From time to time we hold other events including trips and visits, expert speakers and club social events. Please follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with out events.